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3 Amigos!

Zoey, Murphy (Northern Chesapeake Sheltie Alumni) and Bentley (Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue Alumni).

I have no idea how I got them to sit quietly for the camera because most of the time they’re play fighting! 
Must be cookies, Susan?

I especially like how one has the tongue out, the other the head tilt and the third the stink-eye!


Charlie Murphy looks like he is really curious about the water…but not THAT curious!

;) Joanne

Is…is that all there is?

Don’t worry Murphy, that is just a taste.  More to come… I’m sure of it!

Love the ears John!

All I need is jet propulsion!

Murphy looks like he can fly.Bet he is fast with the frisbee Amanda!

Therapy smiles

Murphy is well on his way to becoming a certified therapy dog.  He already has the smile mastered!

I’m smiling too Elizabeth!  :))