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This Lap o’ luxury is TAKEN

Gracie, I think we all want your life!


Wow Peg, so ruff! :))

Sleep Hug

George (the Silky) and Laddie are best friends. They’ve been together since they were pups.

They rescued us nearly 10 years ago, and they often sleep in this configuration we call the “Two Headed Napmonster.”


LOL Beth, George has the best pillow!

My Mommy Loves Me!

Luna and her daughter Breeze take a nap together, but little Breeze gets the comfy bed!

Shelties sleeping on dog bed Awe, Marion.

Naps are always better with friends!

I bet Ranger and Ayden are best buds, Larry!

We’re not almost there, and that is fine by me.

Ellie makes even the long road trips more fun.

What a good little traveler, Kelsey & Levi!