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The Elusive Laundry Monster!

Oh wait, no monster here, it’s Duncan.

I’ve always preferred socks that have a little Sheltie hair on them, Karen.  ;)

Teeny, tiny, and not so tired.

Poor Champ.  His little sister Katie tuckers him out!
Nap time for everyone, right Rachel? ;)

Snorer Junior

Max & Chan nap away the afternoon.

Awe Rich! You bet, ‘ruff’ life!

Best body pillow ever!!!

Carly takes a little nappy nap with her mom.CarlySuch a sweet photo Christine that I now want to go run off & snuggle with mine!  :)

Who has the bigger smile?

Lacy & Molly the cat share a nap.
LacymollySoooo cute Mary!