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Oh, those naughty Shelties!

Declan says, “ It wasn’t me, it was my brother Finn!”

Finn says, “Are these the eyes of a toilet paper shredder???”
Always easy to forgive them isn’t it Leslie? :)

Bad, bad Bastien!

Oooh, naughty boy…and the look on his face says he knows it!LOL..Icky Gwendy!

Poor Frosty!

Winnie wonders if destroying Frosty might indeed put her on the “Naughty List.”
NaughtyLOL, Mary!

Photo looks innocent enough…

until you read the caption Pat sent along with it.

“Here is Rio resting from all his hard work helping me garden. He’s a lot of the reason why I plant my flowers in containers rather than in the ground!LOL…naughty Rio!

I’ve been naughty

This video of a naughty Coco is a riot.

thanks to tuppenlee