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The Cutest Wedding Crasher

Jackson says: “Oh but, I was invited. Don’t I look dapper?”

“I gave my Paw of Approval.” ;)
 Congrats to your new family, Patrick!
Photos courtesy of Southern Star Photography.

I’ve Got Your Nose!

Flora has an interesting way of making friends at the dog park.

LOL, Doug!


After waiting patiently for grandma not ONCE, but TWICE, Tyler finally gets  his own iPad time.

He LOVES Pocket Frogs! (And thank god for screen protectors!)

‘Sheltie’ clues

Look! A clue! A clue!

Chopper isn’t a blue Sheltie is he Tami?  ;)

I gotta paw-sicle!

CJ says it’s time to go in mom!

Time for some fun paw rubs by the fire Lauren! ;)