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It’s Toe Bean Tuesday!

Pretty Boy has pretty toes!


Very sweet, April.

Now THAT Is Some Wicked Side-Eye

Milo is on to little Lacey’s tricks!


Too cute, Judy!

You Shall Not Pass!

I am the wicked Prince Joey of this road.

The law states that only Shelties bearing gifts for Joey may pass.

Perhaps if you were wearing a snorkel like me, I would have let you pass.

But without a treat or toy – Joey the wicked Prince must forbid to letting you pass.


ROFL, Steve & Di!

The Cutest Wedding Crasher

Jackson says: “Oh but, I was invited. Don’t I look dapper?”

“I gave my Paw of Approval.” ;)
 Congrats to your new family, Patrick!
Photos courtesy of Southern Star Photography.

I’ve Got Your Nose!

Flora has an interesting way of making friends at the dog park.

LOL, Doug!