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It’s All in the Paws

Rocky says: “Look at my cute little paws. Don’t they make you want to share your snack with me?”


A sweetie for sure, Renee!

Carpet Manners

Truffle says: “The world would be a much better place if only everyone would cross their paws.”

Shelties are so civilized, Helen & Kunal!

Sweet Dreams

Halo, don’t your little paws fall asleep keeping them up in the air like that?

They are just so silly aren’t they Terry?  ;)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: because I can!

Bella your matched little back paws are just too cute, but how on earth can that be comfy? Bellacan:) Mary

I really hate it when my human makes me do this.

Koji practices “Leave It”.
LeaveItWhat a good boy, Cheryl!