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Oh, Look Who Has A New Facebook Page

Tilly you don’t need Facebook, just Sheltie Nation!


;) Patti

Shelties online

Guess what Max’s favorite website is?  ;)Maxpc Good one Dan!

Sheltie approved?

Who needs Parental Control monitoring, when you have Sheltie Control monitoring? AutumnpcI’m also under strict supervision at our house too Lisa!

PC foot warmer

Little Lady likes to nap where she can be ready to help mom on the computer.
LadyThanks to Kristin!

Shelties in the technology age.

A cell phone & laptop – how else would a Sheltie stay in touch?

(I’ve been told that Mika’s favorite website is Sheltie Nation.)LOL…of course Barbara, Shelties are smart that way!  :)