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Still on a Halloween Sugar High!

There’s no need to fear, Mackenzie is here!


Love those markings, Donna!

Shane got a fun toy for Halloween!


 Very sweet, Barbara!

Pebbles says:“No mom, I wanted to GET the sheep not BE the sheep!”


Good one, Piya!

In SN music news, Devin and Jaime are rockin’!


LOL, Kathy!

Basic Water Safety Rule #1

Skye says: “Stay away from it!” :)

Skye is on the beach in Friday Harbor, WA and he just finished chasing sticks and avoiding the water!


Very pretty, Nancy & Madeline!

A Dog…

is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
Quote by Josh Billings, American Humorist (1818-1885.)

Eneda, Pebbles is so amazingly cute.  How do you get anything done? ;)

Monday morning Sheltie pick-me-up!

Pebbles is so expressive; she is like a human.  You can read the pure joy she gets from running in her face!
PebblessmileSheltie hugs to you Eneda for adopting her!  She is a lucky girl!