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Close Encounters…of the Sheltie Kind!

My Shelties Penny and Milo (and their Yorkie friend Gibbs) at the Devils Tower, Wyoming.

Dogs at Devil's Tower

Very pretty, Katerie!

Sheltie Dawn

Penny & Milo, enjoy a sunrise at the Grand Canyon.

Simply lovely, Katerie!

Penny in the park

Beautiful Penny enjoys a sunny day people watching.
Pennypark Lovely Katerie!

What we won’t put up with for a cookie…

Sheltie Nation member Marianne reports: It’s funny, once the headgear goes on, they don’t move a muscle.

Scout (the tricolor) says: "Don’t worry Penny, she does this every year.  Just humor her."

Penny says: "I give up"

LOL Marianne!

Sugar plums dancing in her head…

Penny went to sleep in hopes Santa would come sooner.  :)PennyVery sweet photo Marianne. Welcome to Sheltie Nation!