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Green Dream

Dutch loves his new turtle friend, Soup.


Awe, Regina!


Sparky: “This is why I love having a brother.”
pillowpalsSkipper looks pretty comfy too,  Steve. ;)

Sleep Hug

George (the Silky) and Laddie are best friends. They’ve been together since they were pups.

They rescued us nearly 10 years ago, and they often sleep in this configuration we call the “Two Headed Napmonster.”


LOL Beth, George has the best pillow!

To Bee or Not To Bee

I think Naruto chooses to bee.  ;)


Great place for a nap, DK!

This Hotel Only Got Three Stars in the Michelin Guide?

Who cares about the mints on the pillow. I want one of these on my pillow every night.

There should be a 4 Star level!

Shetland Sheepdog using pillow

Awe Carrie, Trixie looks so sweet.