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To Bee or Not To Bee

I think Naruto chooses to bee.  ;)


Great place for a nap, DK!

This Hotel Only Got Three Stars in the Michelin Guide?

Who cares about the mints on the pillow. I want one of these on my pillow every night.

There should be a 4 Star level!

Shetland Sheepdog using pillow

Awe Carrie, Trixie looks so sweet.

Hibernation Isn’t Just for Bears Anymore

Jackson naps incognito!

Bi-blue Sheltie sleeping on pillow

Awe, blue on blue, Pam!

There, There.


Awe Allie, do you need a cuddle?

Sheltie with head on pillow

Or nothing a cookie couldn’t cure, right Margie?

Pillow ain’t Persuading!

Zak did not want to leave from my husbands spot on the bed, so he put his pillow on top of him. 
(Nice try, Zak’s daddy!)
Time for Plan B, Susan? :)