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How do these things work?

Bella has no idea how all the pillows from the couches got onto her favorite chair.I’m sure she will sort it out Mary ;)


This is Sasha.  It was fate for me and Sash to find each other.  She had been abused and ended up at a local shelter.  She has been with me for 10 wonderful years so she is about 12 1/2 now.  She has 4 acres to play on and I love her to pieces.

SashaAnd she loves you, Sherry!  :)


Nap time with the pillow “pack”

Emma settles in for a nap with her friends.Love those pillows, Rick!  :)

Sheltie pillow…warmer?

Who wouldn’t like a Debbie for snuggling on their bed?Debbie2Oh, but is she really stealing your pillows, Tatha?
Nah, just keeping them warm, right? :)

Sheltie fort

Toby the good sport, plays fort with the kids.  :)The ultimate den, Dana?  :)