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Smiling Summer Shelties!

Left to right: Pixie, Checkers & BarkleyYou are so lucky to have such beautiful Shelties, Ann!  :))

Sheltie life lessons

You know the saying…always take time to smell the flowers!
PixiePixie loves her mom Patti’s daffodils.

Is that you Santa?

Barkley & Pixie can’t wait to greet Santa!
PixBarkTreeHappy Holidays, Ann!

I can’t figure out why our Sheltie is chubby?

Yep, it’s all those horse carbs Pixie is getting, Ann!

Sheltie eating with horse

Try decorating under the tree like this with a lab in the house!

Barkley, Ivy & Pixie demonstrate one of the added bonuses of Shelties…politeness!

Happy Sheltie Holidays Ann!