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So very hard to resist!

Moonie turns up the dial on his powers of persuasion!

Awe, so cute Joy!

Deflation fun!

The only ball Shelby & Riley can’t seem to flatten is a basket ball…so far!

Looks like they are waiting for you to join them Terry!

Play with me please?

Denver has plenty of mischief in those eyes!:)) Debbie

Don’t touch my feet!

Oh, my Shelties love this game too! 

Shelties are generally a very gentle breed when it comes to their mouth.  You can play fun little tickle games like this & as Lady demonstrates, is very ….”ladylike”.  :)Lady_getting_joyThanks to Joy!

Looks can be deceiving…

Tanja’s Shelties appear mild mannered & oh so innocent…
3toll3Wahoo…Flying Shelties!