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A Christmas Story – the Sheltie Version

Our dear Kinsey Marie is performing her own rendition of “A Christmas Story”.  As you can see, her Auntie Susie didn’t send her a bunny suit but instead dressed her as a pink Poodle. 

Good gracious, Sheila!  Now that is funny!

Poodle party crasher

32 Shelties and one Poodle celebrate Sting’s 1st birthday. 32shelties LOL…a Poodle Sharon?

Agility Team Sheltie mascot: Poodle!

Annie the Poodle must roll her eyes at all the Sheltie silliness.
The Shelties(L to R) Chrissy, Winnie, Lauren, Moriah, Sally and Linus.
MascotThanks to Glen!