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I’ll sit BY the pool with you

I’m sure a lot of us in Sheltie Nation wish we were with Shea in sunny FL right now! Shea Lucky you Jenni!

Ha ha, faked you out!

As far as Isabel is concerned, the only good pool is an empty one!
Isabelpool So true Gwendy!

She looks excited now…

Amanda is ready for her first dip in the pool.
AmandaLove the ear fuzzies Nickie!

I’ll take my kibble by the pool, thanks.

Just like most humans, Sophie also enjoys a lazy afternoon in the pool.Thanks to Jenne and Caleb!

This is far as I go…

I’ve been told that Wallace does like his puppy pool.  His wet chin gives him away…he is a bubble blower!

Too funny, Gena!