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The Great Pumpkin

Sadie, you are stunning!


This should be in a calendar, Karol!

Annoyed Halloween Costume Side-Eye!

What are you wearing this year Sheltie Nation?


Kilkenny was rescued from the Sheltie Shack of Blue Rapids, Kansas.

Hugs to you, Monika for adopting!

Scenes From Yesterday’s Coronation

Meet Lucy Lou, the pumpkin princess!

Shetland Sheepdog in costume

Love the costume, Angie!

Halloween Pumpkin Friends?

Matilda says: “But Mommy, he is scary. He doesn’t have any eyes!”

Shetland Sheepdog puppy and pumpkin

Awe, Pat. She is such a cute puppy!

Do you think anyone will notice?

Soleil and Etoile add just the right touch to the festive decor!

LOVE this photo, Ann!  :))