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S.N. fall decorating tips!

Yes you too can whip up this beautiful fall display for your porch.

Just assemble a few typical fall items and insert one or more Shelties for that extra special touch!

Jeanne tells us that Sammy Jo is an alumni of Sheltie Shack Rescue of Kansas!



That’s an odd looking pumpkin

This is Koji, our rescue Sheltie we got from Collie and Sheltie Rescue of Southeastern Virginia. He is a great hiking partner and just an all around sweetheart.

Such a large, orange & silly looking pumpkin Brent & Jenny.  Where can we pick some? ;)

Fall Yummies!

Zak thinks he is in pumpkin heaven!

Chester the jester

Awe Chester, cookies are coming!
Chester He is cute Margaret!

I wonder what was her pumpkin inspiration???

Autumn put her carving skills to the test.Autumn3

Autumn4Nice job Lisa…er, Autumn!  ;)