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Chester the jester

Awe Chester, cookies are coming!
Chester He is cute Margaret!

I wonder what was her pumpkin inspiration???

Autumn put her carving skills to the test.Autumn3

Autumn4Nice job Lisa…er, Autumn!  ;)

I don’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight, right?

This is Mick and he is about to celebrate his first Halloween!
Mick Such a cutie Brad and Becca! :)

Study in orange

Happy fall!MatildafallMatilda is lovely Pat!

Sheltie Hallmark Moment

This photo should be on a greeting card or something…sheesh, can this GET any cuter?
(I think I see a born Sheltie lover in there too…is he sniffing Beesly’s ears?!)Little Beesly looks right at home, Stephanie!