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Naughty Puppies!

Mean little Sheltie Monsters taunted Romeo until he cried!


LOL a perfectly timed shot, Dayna!

Be sure to cheer him up by reminding him WHO is in the pen! ;)

The Handy Sheltie Puppy Three-Pack!

Mariah,Casey and Shiloh enjoy a play date.

Fun times, Lorie!

Puppy Snow Bees!

Good luck rounding them up!

Thanks to jdmtford!  :0)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Christmas Elves!

Brodey, Callie and Gus got to tell Santa what they wanted.

Although, I don’t think the hats were on the list. :/

Soooo cute, Mary!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Sheltie clown car?

I think there were 4 or 5 puppies in there getting the last couple of kibbles out of that bag!

That bag was surely spotless, Connie!  ;)