BrieOur kennel name is Cornerstone Shelties and Cairn Terriers.  Recently we suffered a tragic loss when our lovely Cairn Katie (Cornerstone Enchanted Cadence) passed away.  She had delivered 4 healthy champion sired pups on Oct 14. It was the culmination of a healthy pregnancy, nursing and caring for her pups for 5 weeks, until Nov 19 when in a 24 hour time frame, she became extremely ill.
After ultrasounding her chest and abdomen, we were informed that Katie had a very aggressive lymphoma and euthanasia was our only realistic option.
Our precious Sheltie Breianne, who had a litter of 7 pups whelped on Oct 13,  became a surrogate mother for the Cairn pups.  Even though all the pups had been eating softened puppy chow for 2 weeks, the Cairn pups had cried since the quick departure of their mother and were comforted after a brief visit with Breianne. 
Her kind sweet spirit are evident in the expression on her face.

What a sweet ending to a sad story Jan.  Watch out though – those pups may end up thinking they are Shelties!  :)
Bound To Be Cher nursing her 1 week old puppies by Sudon Teddy To A Tee.
Pupupsidedown2Hehe!!! So cute Ann & I love mom’s sweet face!

LadybugRemember last Thanksgiving’s picture on Sheltie Nation? It was of Lady, the puppy mill Sheltie and her puppies.

Here is a picture of Lady smiling at her new home. Her owner Ann says that mother hood is the farthest place from her mind. Ann renamed her Lady Bug. She’s one happy girl and Ann loves her to pieces!

Thank you Ann for adopting her & thank you Holly for fostering her during her most desperate time of need.

When surfing Sheltie Nation, you never know what you might spot under your feet.  :)Jenny & Jack are too cute, Melissa!