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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Oh, Delectabuhl Morsel!

Puppies will chew on anything!

Dodger is a cutie Mary!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: How could I pick just one?

Little Ginny is so cute in the flowers.

But Sadie’s closeup is making me melt!

I bet the girls are double trouble, but double the fun Melissa!  :))

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Sheltie puppy pit wrestle!

Guaranteed to bring on a smile!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: When a 4 year old shops…

What do they buy?

Sheltie puppies of course!

Reggie can routinely  be found hiding in my 4yr old’s toys.  I came home from work and found her asleep, and him reclining in her shopping cart!

Love it Kevin!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: 2x the cute!

Sisters Misty & Chloe share a nap.

Soooo sweet Kate!