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This is a stick-up!

OK Rebel, we gladly give you our hearts!


<3 Michele

The Cutest Stowaway

We have the most adorable Sheltie puppy ever. His name Myles.  He came from Raleigh, NC over the holidays as a surprise
for my wife. He made the long trip in cabin on the plane with us back to Fairbanks, Alaska.  

Everyone likes his name, since he traveled so many “Miles”.


You get husband of the year award, Dale! :))

Before & After – Sheltie Style!

Suki looked lonely so we got her another Sheltie friend, he is now double her size!

Sheltie puppy

“Mom , I thought you said I was getting a LITTLE Brother?”

Two Shelties

Ha, Louise! Cute in ANY size!

Still… digesting… turkey…

Look at this sleepy lil’ bookend of cuteness!

Sheltie puppy sleeping upside down

Love Meeko’s pink belly too, Jackie!

Hi, I’m trouble. Heard you were looking for me?

Oh no, Logan! You are no trouble at all!

Sheltie puppy

What a face, Janice!