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I Got This!

Don’t worry Maya, you will grow into it!


So cute, Marva!

Oh, Look Who Has A New Facebook Page

Tilly you don’t need Facebook, just Sheltie Nation!


;) Patti

Herding 101

You get that broom little one!


Such attitude, Tegan!

Do Not Disturb

Awwwwe, what is going on in tiny puppy dreamland?


Fantastic photo of Binky, K9wolfje!

The Connoisseur

What do I look for in a fine wine? Well, I could bore you with the stock response about aroma, subtle tones of fruit, a clean finish, that sort of thing.

But I’m an adorable Sheltie puppy, so I just like to play with the cork.


Daragh, Rosie is so adorable!