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A “Tail” Of Two Friends

This is Quincy and my neighbor’s daughter, Emily. When I first moved here, Emily literally jumped in her father’s arms because she was so afraid of Q. This little guy was adopted by me 5 1/2 years ago (he is now 11) and the only nasty aspect of him is his dislike for UPS and FedEx trucks! He did 4 days a week at the nursing home visiting my sister and other residents for 18 months. So, this scary dog had work to do to win over Emily. It took 4 months, but we finally reached the stage where SHE asked to have her picture taken with Quincy.


What a wonderful little ambassador, Terry!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

No room on the raft though, you will have to bring your own. :/

Mocha and Quincy look like they are enjoying their summer vacation, Claire!

Check out our new wet suits!

Quincy and Mocha are salty, sandy and always sassy!

Cute coming OR going right Claire? ;)