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Floating Fluff

My mom Connie’s Sheltie Snooky, is fearful and REALLY dreads entering our pool, BUT as soon as my mom places her on her little floatation mat, she immediately relaxes, enjoys it, and even FALLS ASLEEP on it! She’s SO cute!

SNOOKYpoolThat is amazing she gets so relaxed, Lisa!

Oh, cheer up! It’s only a vacation.

Humans won’t make you get on a raft every week.

Rusty, Charlie, Tara aren’t buying it, Dana!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

No room on the raft though, you will have to bring your own. :/

Mocha and Quincy look like they are enjoying their summer vacation, Claire!

Summer livin’ had me a blast!

Henry & Harley were part of the Buxton puppy mill.Amy & Doug adopted and adore them now! :)