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Better than any car ride!!!

This is Rasa on her first boat ride.  I think she feels it is better than a car ride because she doesn’t have to stick her head out the window for the sniffs – the sniffs come to her!
SniffsLooks like fun, Suzanne!

Queen of the Rock

Rasa in Aruba, at sunset.
Queen So beautiful Suzanne!

Sheltie lovers are never lonely

When my husband leaves the bed, Rasa takes his place.
RasaMine do that too, Suzanne!

Shelties not only can fetch, but throw too!

Well…sorta.Rasa is a cutie, Suzanne!

Don’t forget to pack your Sheltie!

Is Rasa wondering if she is going on a trip, or if this is some new fancy dog bed?Thanks to Suzanne!