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The eyes are the window to the Sheltie soul

Andre is a rescue from Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue.  Can you tell he loves his adoptive mom?  :)

Lucky you Deb!  Gorgeous photo!

Sheltie Blogger

For those of you interested in the the progress of the Sheltie named Sugar who found her forever home via Sheltie Nation, here she is working on her own blog.

Hope she has Sheltie Nation bookmarked, Joy! ;)

NJ Sheltie Rescue has 11 Shelties

Nj_rescueNJ Sheltie Rescue has taken in 11 Shelties for fostering that were rescued from a puppy mill in PA.  The age range is 3-8 years, most are females.  They were brought in September 26th and went through vet exams, shots, blood work, spay/neutering, dental, etc.

They all seem to have very sweet temperaments but are shy/unsocialized, frightened and in need of TLC. (Pictured here is Cinnamon who is one of the girls who is up for adoption.)

For information and pictures, please go to:

NJ Sheltie Foster Moms

Update 3/6/08: Several of these wonderful Shelties have been adopted, others are “ready”, but waiting for the right person to apply!

Here, take this…(please)

Shelties generally are quite polite in their requests for playtime…as Pilot (a rescue Sheltie from Mississippi) so sweetly demonstrates.  “Here mom, would you please toss my piggy toy?”
Dsc02339Cute shot Christine!