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Sheltie Nation just…got…cuter!

This is Lexie.  She is a rescued sheltie from Arkansas.  She might be tiny (6.6 lbs. at 7 months) but she is ALL sheltie!

I hear a collective “squeeee!” Kim :)  Lucky you who got to adopt her!

Can i haz it nao?

Some of the members and friends of Northern California Sheltie rescue got together for a Sheltie Romp on the 4th of July.  These are just some of the 39 four-legged attendees…  The little tri-color right in the middle is 14 year old Sunny – rescued from a ‘backyard breeder’ at the age of five.

Such intensity Rick!  LOL

Dottie: St. Louis Sheltie Rescue

Dottie is a special needs girl looking for that special forever home!  Dottie is a very sweet, 6 yr old sable female that just came into Second Chance Sheltie Rescue.  She is crate trained and has lovely manners.  She gets along well with other dogs and is always looking for a hand to give her some ear scratches!

Dottie had a mammary tumor removed which was cancerous, but thankfully it was not an aggressive form of cancer and all was removed.  She is a breast cancer survivor and wears her pink ribbon proudly!  (She will need a chest x-ray every 6 months for 2 years.)

Dottie also has arthritis in her elbow and hip and will need to be on a joint supplement and possibly some pain medication. Although she is still quite playful!

Sadly, Dottie had also been shot in the foot by some abusive boys.  One toe is partly missing and another (a weight-bearing toe) was broken and never treated.  That toe healed completely crooked and therefore offers no ability to help bear weight on that leg.  This does cause her to limp some.

She would need a house with only one or two steps to the yard — preferably none.  To learn more about her & to see a video of her playing, visit her page at Second Chance Sheltie Rescue.

UPDATE 7/6/11:  Dottie’s was seen here on Sheltie Nation by Suzie in FL.  Her super sweet face could not be resisted & her adoption is now in progress!  Woot!

Have you kissed a Sheltie today?

NJ Sheltie Rescue is trying out a new kissing booth at the events we have coming up this year to raise money. Autumn and Sundae tried it out, but Autumn wasn’t that into giving him a kiss… Maybe he needs a breath mint???

Love this photo Lisa!  I hope you raise a whole bunch for rescue!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Incognito Puppy!

There is a puppy in this pile of toys!

Cody is a rescued Sheltie from Sheltie Shack in KS.  There are many more Shelties waiting for forever homes in the rescue, so check out their website!
Thanks to Janice!