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Happy First Day of Spring!

Riley reminds everyone to stop and smell the flowers!

Pretty crocuses, Joe & Tara!

Last Leaves of Autumn

Riley says: “They are all down, so you can start shopping for me now!”

What a sweet face, Karen!  :)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Back to School!

Riley and Rue have their lunches packed and are all set for their first day of Sheltie preschool!

Love the lunchbox, Sheila!

Cue the soundtrack!

I feel like I should expect to hear some sort of ‘end of the movie’ theme song.
Lovely photo of Riley, Joe and Tara!

Why does making the bed always turn into Sheltie playtime?

Shelby and Riley say: “Because it is more fun to unmake the bed!”

:) Terry