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Legend of Fuzzy the Kid

Casey and Rio are pretending to be desperadoes on Movie Road in the Alabama Hills, California.

Wow, so beautiful, Pat!

Sheltie snow smooches

“Snow lips” Rio is ready for a kiss!

SnowlipsA cute side effect of eating snow Pat?

Those sit-stays come in handy!

Rio, Gwen, and Casey posed for a portrait for the New Year.
NewyearLovely Pat!

Photo looks innocent enough…

until you read the caption Pat sent along with it.

“Here is Rio resting from all his hard work helping me garden. He’s a lot of the reason why I plant my flowers in containers rather than in the ground!LOL…naughty Rio!

It is never too early to start…

Rio is getting his exposure to some slow sheep…  ;)What cute puppy, Pat!  Welcome to Sheltie Nation!