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Don’t be Koi!

Laci visits her friends at the local pond.


I’m amazed she is ignoring those ducks, Sandy!


Know Your Mythical Woodland Creatures

Hiking the forest trails?

You may encounter Shakespeare, one of the magical fluffies who inhabit the northern woods.


Such a handsome fellow, Lana!

Strike A Pose…Or Not.

Cameron, you are not cooperating!


There is always THAT one, wck! Least Declan looks good. :)

Sheltie’s Rock!

Double meaning for sure right, Bugsy?


Brave boy for getting up there, Noella!

Top Dogs

Sister and Little Miss climbed a mountain. Just chillin’ at the top and enjoying the beautiful spring view!

I’d climb a mountain too if Shelties were at the top, Ginny! ;)