Don’t be afraid, Romeo and Rascal will protect you in the spooky Halloween graveyard.
Romeo3Thanks to Chantel & Al

Poor Romeo, so cute, yet so unhappy!Oh yea…he looks thrilled!We agree Chantel, he does look very cute!

LOL…Now give that boy a few cookies for being so accommodating!

Little Romeo celebrated his 4th birthday with an ice cream treat.

Sheltie eating icecream

I know it is hard to tell, but he did enjoy it!  ;)

Sheltie with icecream on nose

Time to get a napkin, Chanel?

“Romeo does the cutest things. He plays Peek-A-Boo with you while you are in the shower. Here he is slipping his head between the shower curtains to make sure I am still in there. When I say “Peek-A-Boo” he does it all over again.”Too sweet Chantel!  Our little Toby does this too, but can barely get his chin over the tub! (Usually all we see is the nose peeking in!)