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Worry Not!

Rosie & Tansi are rationally discussing who gets the toy.


But of course, Tracey. ;)

Sheltie Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Rosie & Delilah say: “where’s the party?”

Shelties in sunglassesGood times, Mary Ann!

SN Weather Alert: Foggy Morning in Proctorsville, VT

Good thing Foghorn Rosie is on duty to warn other nearby Shelties of any dangers that may be lurking in the dog yard!

Blue Merle Sheltie Barking

Good one, Tracey! :))

Synchronized ‘Stick’ing

Rosie and Tansi are working on it. ;)
Maybe it will become a recognized sport someday, TeeLee1263? 

The Witness Protection Program Used to be More Reliable

When Rosie agreed to testify against Keyser Soze, she incorrectly assumed her new identity would be tougher to crack.

I don’t see a Sheltie, Tracey.  Do you?  ;)