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Personal Space doesn’t apply to puppies

10 week old Rosie has a slightly different perspective than Millie!

Thanks to Tracey!  :)

You’re my beeeeeest friend!

10 week old Rosie makes a new friend!

:) Tracey

I feel so USED…and I like it!

Rosie has mastered the “I have manipulated you into taking your chair and made you happy about it at the same time” look.

For sure Rosie is a master at it Mary!

Shelties are like potato chips…

Top row, left to the right: Ranger, Rosie, Zander, Kiba, Daisy & Brandy.

Bottom row: Dante, Angel, Kodi & Blizzard.
SheltiesHolly cow Amy! That IS a lot of Shelties!