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We’re Watching You!

Austin and Roxy want to know what’s going on on the other side of that door!


They look like mischief, Kristy! :)

Squeaky Clean and Loved!

Please find attached the newest member of our pack. Our Heidi is on the right and Roxy is, of course, on the left. We just adopted her from the Indiana Sheltie Rescue. She is a Sheltie mix and about 4 yrs old. Her foster mother tells us that she was neglected and abused. Puppy Love came yesterday afternoon and groomed both of the girls and we think that this is the first time that Roxy has felt clean, warm and dry. We cuddled as a pack all night long. We still have some trust issues, but she follows me around all over the house. Both girls seem to be getting along well and still in the “wanna be my friend” stage. Please welcome Roxy and keep her in your prayers that she learns her forever home will be lots of love and caring.


Hugs to you for adopting, Chris!


Sheltie Doppelgänger, Take Two!

Remember cutie-pie Logan and his Doppelgänger?

Well, Victoria meets her maxi-me, Roxy!

Sheltie doppelganger

Double the cuteness, Lisa!

Mushed Shelties

Hard to tell where one begins & the other one ends!

Roxy & Duncan look so sweet Camille!