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The smile says it all.

Tango leads the charge while Rudy brings up the rear.  Do they look just a tad bit happy?  :)
TangosnowThanks for making us all smile, Ellen!

Puppy pout?

Rudy3ooooh Ellen, that is the look alright!

Who has bigger brown eyes?

That would be Rudy!  :)Rudy2Very cute, Ellen!

A grateful rescue Sheltie…

This is Rudy, a needy Sheltie recently rescued by the Millman family.  This photo was taken 3 hours after his adoption. Think he looks happy? ;)

Sheltie Oops!

Hubble. Perpetrator. Guilty.
Lamp. Victim. DOA.
Rudy. Perpetrator. Guilty.But they look so innocent Jim T.!