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Another Snow Day Activity

Holly says: “Thank God I’m wearing this faaaaaaaaabulous coat!”

Wonderful action shot, Joan!

“Walkies” are for amateurs!

“Runnies”  are way more fun!

We love that smile too Ginny! :))  Hugs for adopting Little Miss!

She loves me!

Apparently only Lulu will bring the frisbee back.  Linus just likes pretending he’s being chased by his sweetheart.
So that is why he has such a big smile Valerie!

Monday morning Sheltie pick-me-up!

Pebbles is so expressive; she is like a human.  You can read the pure joy she gets from running in her face!
PebblessmileSheltie hugs to you Eneda for adopting her!  She is a lucky girl!

Let the fur fly!

Shiraz’s beautiful flowing coat & silly tongue make for the perfect Sheltie combo!

Shirazrun The perfect mix of beauty & humor, right Debra?  :)