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Tall vs. Small

Guess which dog rules the roost?

Rusty, the 70 lb. Collie, with his best friend, Alaria, the 7 lb. Sheltie. Both adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue, they had never met before Rusty came for a visit to his former foster home. They bonded quickly, and became best friends, although tiny Alaria set the rules!

RustyAlariaOf course she does, Debbie! LOL

Oh, cheer up! It’s only a vacation.

Humans won’t make you get on a raft every week.

Rusty, Charlie, Tara aren’t buying it, Dana!

Sheltie mischief in the making!

Bethany’s Sheltie “gang” out for one of the last romps in the snow.
(From front to back: Rusty, Bobby, Kasey and Ellie.)