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We are NOT amused!

Lily and Sammy are expecting cookies.

Time to pay up, Sarah & Tommy!

Beautiful Bond

15 year old Drew and Sammy share a moment together.

Simply lovely, Marge!

There’s always that one houseguest

Sammy’s Miss Manners moment.

Hey, what’s Stubbs doing in my bed?

Dad, why is he in my bed?

I don’t like it, but I now understand that it’s polite to give up your bed for out of town guests!

Sheltie are the perfect hosts Chris! ;)

`Ilio ‘a’ahu pua palule

Roughly translated to Hawaiian = dog wears flower shirt.   Sounds prettier in Hawaiian! :~)

Sammy is just too cute Colleen!

Today is the day!

Lily & Sammy are ready to go trick or treating!SammyLily Such sweet faces Sarah!