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Yummy Christmas leftovers!

Just as fun and sweet after the holiday!!

Daisy Mae looks super cute.

Thanks to Sue!

Emily says: ‘please take this off me’

What a look Andy!

Taylor, Justin and Duncan the Sheltie pose pretty!
Awe, Jenn!

From left to right: Sasha, Santa Claus, Abbie, Sheltie Mommy Crissi, and Yogie

Wonderful photos everyone!

Christmas Hangover

Petey is trying to sleep off all the merry making!

Love the little white teephies Meryl

Read my mind!

Lucy says: Oh, I am SO on the “nice” list this year!

The whole Santa ensemble!

Brandewine Rose and Dakota showing off their Santa suits.

Sweet Marla!

Holiday Humiliation!

Ellie Mae says: “Great, I get to wear the hat AND the collar!

She looks cute Lori!