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Playing Santa is exhausting work!

Don’t worry Annabell, its all over for another year!
AnnabelleVery sweet, Susie & Joe!

Always a classic, always cute

Kia poses in her Santa hat.
KiaThanks to Elaine!

It’s that time of year…Sheltie holiday dress up!

Holly and Maizie are all dressed up for Christmas.
ChristmaspuppsThe look on Holly’s face is hilarious, Lauri!

Santa won’t leave without this!

This Santa hat belongs to my 4 year old son however Jovi has taken it over!  I picked her up to lay down with me but she wanted down and went right back to the Santa hat.  She knows!So Sweet Tracy!

Sheltie owners get creative at the holidays

This is Maggie Mae framed for a Christmas card.

Thanks Julie and Ron!