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Yummy Christmas leftovers!

Just as fun and sweet after the holiday!!

Daisy Mae looks super cute.

Thanks to Sue!

Emily says: ‘please take this off me’

What a look Andy!

Taylor, Justin and Duncan the Sheltie pose pretty!
Awe, Jenn!

From left to right: Sasha, Santa Claus, Abbie, Sheltie Mommy Crissi, and Yogie

Wonderful photos everyone!

Santa’s got a Sheltie!!!

They do say that pets resemble their owners.

Is it me, or do Mily and Santa have an uncanny resemblance?  ;)

What a GREAT photo Lauralie!

Dear Santa…

I’ve been a very good boy this year. Could you please bring me some more agility stuff, rawhide chewies, toys, and treats?  Love, Toby

Great photo Kym & Bruce!

I know Santa comes through here!

Rookie is ready to escort Santa to the Christmas tree!

Happy Holidays Terri!

Santa, is that you?

Toby, Santa only comes when you are sleeping.  :)