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Sheltie motto: Always try!

Here is my white Sheltie puppy Sasha “herding” sheep.  She was born deaf and partially blind, but true instinct shines through despite any handicaps!Herding1 Herding2 What a wonderful story Nancy!

This bed is too small!

Sasha needs to get together with Smudge from yesterday’s post so they can swap beds.
SashabedShe is a silly girl, Julie!

Darn kids!

Indy wants to go one way…but little puppy Sasha has other plans!
Sasha3Thanks to Nancy!


This is Sasha.  It was fate for me and Sash to find each other.  She had been abused and ended up at a local shelter.  She has been with me for 10 wonderful years so she is about 12 1/2 now.  She has 4 acres to play on and I love her to pieces.

SashaAnd she loves you, Sherry!  :)


I thought Shelties were working dogs?

Sasha disproves that theory!
Sasha2I thought so too Julie!