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Little Man of Honor

This is me and Scotch on my wedding day.

He looks so happy to be there with me :) *tear* always my best friend!

Awe Stephanie, congrats!

Photo by Dawn Boyce Photography

Wait—sunbeam AND a Sheltie? MUST BE HEAVEN!

Scotch, you are so handsome!

Sheltie in sunbeam

;) Stephanie

Who has the cutest ‘tocks of them all?

Check out Scotch’s fuzzy halo bum!

Tri-color Shetland Sheepdog puppy

Ahhh…puppy fuzz is wonderful, Karey!

Guilty Sheltie?

Scotch says: “Don’t look at me. I don’t know where your yogurt went.”

Guilty Sheltie

I dunno Stephanie, he looks pretty guilt free to me! :)

Make Mine a Double

Is Scotch cute enough for ya?
Sheltie puppy cute
Love the lean, Stephanie. :)