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Objects in mirror are CUTER than they appear

Shadow says: “I hiked and hiked and hiked in Crested Butte, Colorado.  So many smells to smell!
By the time I got to the car I couldn’t keep my eyes open!”

So, so cute, Lum!

So what did you do on Friday night?

Time to rise & shine Shadow!

The toy seems tuckered out too, Lum! :)

Sheltie Nation Safety Officer on duty!

Shadow attended Salida’s “Hooligan” race on the Arkansas River during the 63rd annual FIBArk Festival this year.

Prior to the race, a few folks floated downstream in inflatable tubes suitable for swimming pools, not the raging river.   He was VERY concerned!
A good boy Lum!  He takes his job very seriously!  ;))

I’m ready when you are…

Shadow waits oh, so patiently for a game of tug o’war while his human works at their desk.

How can you stand it Lum?

A sunshine vacation!

So Shadow took his folks to Florida and got a serious case of the frizzies.  He enjoyed the million new smells, licked oyster shells and chased insect and reptilian wonders.
Finally, a hammock nap with the blue ball.

A trip from Colorado to Florida sounds like a real adventure Lum!  :)