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Meanwhile at the Barka Raton

Shea, for those of us who live in cold places of the world right now, can we come visit you in sunny Florida?


Ruff life, Jenni! ;)

Shhh! Mom is sleeping.

Awe, Shea!


Isn’t it awesome to have a cuddle partner, Jenni? ;)

This Pillow is Sufficient

Princess Shea sits where ever she wishes.


But of course, servant Jenni! ;)

Oh. Are You Working?

Well Shea, it IS Monday.

Sheltie dog under a table.

:) Jenni

Sheltie Terms

Shea:  “It’s simple really. Until all my demands are met, I keep playing boat anchor.
I’m fully prepared to drag this out.”
On a nice day if Shea doesn’t want to come in she will dive into the grass and lay on her back so she doesn’t have to go inside. My stubborn dog will stay like that basically until I go pick her up off the ground. It is always a fun show for other people to watch!

Oh my that would be funny to watch, Jenni!  :))