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Sheesh, It’s Like Herding Humans


This is a fantastic photo, Rachel!

It’s nice to see a working Sheltie!

Still on a Halloween Sugar High!

There’s no need to fear, Mackenzie is here!


Love those markings, Donna!

Shane got a fun toy for Halloween!


 Very sweet, Barbara!

Pebbles says:“No mom, I wanted to GET the sheep not BE the sheep!”


Good one, Piya!

In SN music news, Devin and Jaime are rockin’!


LOL, Kathy!

Give me a LARGE break

Brick says: “Mom, this is not in my job description. Please give the baby a bottle!”sheepsheltie

Love his face, Claire!

It is never too early to start…

Rio is getting his exposure to some slow sheep…  ;)What cute puppy, Pat!  Welcome to Sheltie Nation!

Herding…not quite

Hayley looks like she isn’t quite ready for the sheep.  :)334869850_574267fa31What a funny shot Ju_Mu!