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Mom, Can I Keep Him?

Shelby loves her new toy!


Best friends for sure, Julia!

New Year’s Resolution

Shelby has resolved to make as many snow angels as possible!

Sheltie rolling in snow

Shelby was dumped at the local shelter at the age of 12 when her people got a divorce. She was the one who made me a “foster flunkie” but I don’t have one regret 3 years later! She loves snow and will roll on her back & start making Sheltie Snow Angels any chance she gets.

Hugs to you, Lynn! She looks very happy!

Maddy, can you come out and play?

Or could it be that Shelby is problem solving how to open the door?

Shetland Sheepdog and dog in crate

I dunno Kathy. Could be trouble! ;)

The Bubble Herder!

Shelby is on bubble overload!

Awesome, Kathy!

Smile, Everybody!

Shelby says: “I’m your Friday Fuzzy, so smile!”

Looks like trouble to me, Kathy! ;)