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Sheltie Angel…Literally

Ariel helps us all star-t our day off right. :)

Sheltie Angel

Cookies, right Marsha?

Sheltie Angel Ornament: A great way to support rescue!

Grouplogosm Is your Sheltie an Angel on Earth?  Have you ever loved a Sheltie who has gone to the Bridge?  Regardless of your reason, this is a must have for anyone who has ever loved a Sheltie! 

"Sheltie Angel" is an exquisite collectible Christmas Ornament, designed exclusively for The American Shetland Sheepdog Association and it's endorsed Rescue Groups.

The ornament is available in 6 colors, all of which are handcrafted in the USA by the artisans at Incolay.  What a wonderful gift for yourself or for the Sheltie lover in your life. 

The ornaments sell for $24.95 each, with 100% of profits directly benefiting Shelties currently in need of help. What better way to give back to the breed that gives us so much joy!

To order your "Sheltie Angel" ornament, click here


Additional information on Incolay:

Incolay is a handcrafted product that is made right here in the USA.  It is not mass produced by machinery in China.

All products are made by hand, from beginning to end by skilled artisians. This means that the Incolay 2-part stone formula is mixed by hand, poured by hand, demolded by hand, finished by hand and antiqued by hand.

There is a lot of time and work that goes into each product, which accounts for the cost and collectibility factor.

Here are a few pictures from some of the artisians at the Incolay factory.

First impressions don’t mean much when you’re a Sheltie

Holly (now a Sheltie Angel) gave little Ivy the Sheltie evil eye upon their first meeting.

Kristin reports that Holly got over it & they became best friends.  :)

I Luv my Human…

Who can ever get enough of that adorable “Sheltie Smile”?
106068470_e5da41810eMany thanks to Robby & Sandy (who is now a Sheltie Angel)