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Did you hear the news? Sheltie Nation turns 5!

Can it be?  The world-famous, all-Sheltie-all-the-time website turns 5?

We have come a long way, baby!  :)

Thank you to my Shelties for all the beautiful…



and soulful inspiration.

Another Sheltie Nation headquarters birthday!


Many of you may already know that Toby & Trevor are related.  (For those of you who don't, Trevor's mom & a cousin or two are in Toby's pedigree.)  But did you know that their birthdays are a day apart?!  OK, not the same year (Trevor just turned 11 and Toby 5) but we think it is pretty neat & makes celebrating their birthdays easier.

But here is a new tidbit for you….Did you also know that Toby's dad is the famous Zion's Man About Town?  That explains why Toby is soooo handsome & everyone he meets wants to puppy-nap him from us.  :)

So in honor of Toby's birthday we present him all fluffed up from his birthday bath.  Trevor says "hi" from the background!  ^..^  Woof!

Now that we are done shamelessly bragging about our own Shelties we will be back to your regular Sheltie programming tomorrow.  ;)

Sunny morning

Clover catches up on the latest from Sheltie Nation.  ;)
CloversunThanks to Matt & Kelly!

Am I on Sheltie Nation?

Abby checks to see if she is today’s feature.  :)
Abby3Thanks to Holly!  ;)

The trials of Sheltie Nation

Do you ever wonder why I’m so slow with email & why there is such a wait to get your photo posted?

I present the three most obvious reasons…
ThreetsCome on mom…we want to go out, play, eat, etc!