“Nicki is a Southland Sheltie Rescue who is now 16 years old and still a spunky little lady!  Here she is gardening with my Mom during one of their usual Sunday afternoons together.”

Such a sweet face Monica!

Singing_sheltie_2Just before Christmas, Sheltie Nation member Jean, of Mission, B.C. Canada adopted a 12 year old deaf Sheltie, Belle, from a rescue organization.

She captured this picture quite by chance, with a simple point-and-shoot camera.  The combination of a beautiful sunrise, early morning frost on the straw, and Belle’s coloring combined to create the halo-effect around her.  Calling it “The Singing Sheltie” as she is quite convinced she was trying out for the opera – Poochini, perhaps????

Sheltie Nation member Bob has a heartwarming rescue story to share with all of us!

“On November 7th one of my little guys, Lobo, passed over rainbow bridge after a six week illness.  It had gotten to the point of where he started to suffer and I just could not do that to him, no matter what my hurt would be.  The vet administered the shot and he went to sleep in my arms…just the way it had to be, ya know?

After getting through the major part of the grief, I started looking through the pages of Petfinder.com

So many little guys looking for homes, but you look for the one that really hits your heart.  Well, one “um-teenth” page number, I find the photo of “Krystal” …white faced back to the front legs, and light sable from there back…she’s one of the prettiest Shelties I’ve ever seen.

Her story was that the lady who owned her had passed away due to heart problems; leaving Krystal to her vet for adoption.  But she was in Tennessee and I’m in Ohio.  I called to see if anyone had applied for Krystal, and was told “no, not as of yet” and they forwarded copies of their adoption forms.  I filled them out right away and returned them, along with photos of my fenced in backyard and photos of my other three Shelties. 

Two days later, I got the word that the vet felt that I was just the right person to take care of Krystal – if I was willing to come to Tennessee.  So, on December 20th, after leaving “My Boys” off at my groomer’s for a one night stay, I was off to Johnson City TN, in my Jeep.  After a one night stay in Johnson City, I was up early the next morning and found the “Good News Veterinary Hospital” where I met Krystal. 

Well the Petfinder photos just didn’t do her justice!  The girls there had taken her to the groomer’s the day before and this little girl just melted my heart.  After standing before me a minute, I got “doggie smooches” up the cheek and across the nose!  Yep, kido, we’re going home.  Well, it was a long ride home and Krystal held on real well until the last twenty minutes of the ride, where she stood up on the seat and stared me down, as if to say “I’ve had about enough of this ride!” and so had I.

Upon getting her home, and getting My Boys home, she has just fit right in like she has always been part of the family.  She is all cuddles and love, just as she looks.  Krystal is 10 years old and I wished that she was a bit younger so I would have more time with her, but I will just be appreciative of whatever time she will be with me, as all my dogs.

Bringing Krystal home to the boys and I, has made this past Christmas one of the most special ones of my life.”

So please folks, don’t be afraid to adopt a Senior Sheltie, they need our love and devotion too!

What a great story Bob…Sheltie Hugs to you for showing how all Shelties should be loved & cherished!  She is a lucky girl!

BellanoahPictured here on the left is Bella, a 5 to 6 year old female sheltie that was found abandoned in a Michigan cornfield.  She is a foster that is currently waiting for a forever home. (Her friend is Noah – a blind tri-color who was rescued a couple of years ago.)

She was brought to Adopt-a-Pet of Fenton, Michigan where she hid under a desk for her first couple of weeks.  Terry, her new foster dad, offered to take her in and observe her until her forever home could be found.  He reports that Bella is a beautiful, shy little girl that is very quiet and spends most of her time between his wife’s chair and his own.  She does play with the other dogs on occasion and like cats.  Bella has the softest fawn colored coat.  She had a few rotten teeth pulled but eats regular dog food and chews on bones and chewies just like all their other Shelties.

She will occasionally bark when she hears a noise, but most of her time is spent on her blanket.  She prefers women, but will tolerate a man if you have treats for her (& could come around with love & time). Bella is up to date on shots and has been spayed.

Do you have room in your family for a needy Sheltie like Bella?

If you are interested learning more about Bella, you can get more information from:
13575 N. Fenton Rd.
Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 629-0723

UPDATE: According to Adopt-a-Pet, Bella has been adopted!

Duncan is a rescue Sheltie who clearly has found happiness in his new home.  Here he is enjoying the sunshine on the edge of a Michigan bean field.  What beautiful day & Duncan knows it – just look at that smile! DuncanWe love seeing happy rescues, Tatha!

This is Rudy, a needy Sheltie recently rescued by the Millman family.  This photo was taken 3 hours after his adoption. Think he looks happy? ;)

Pictured here is Jenny, Ellie, and third is “Patch”. Can you believe someone would turn him over to Sheltie Rescue?! He is not only handsome, but according to his foster mom, he’s such a love.  Not surprisingly, Patch was adopted right away!

Glad Patch found you & Sheltie Rescue Holly!  Love those Sheltie baby blues!