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Super Easy Chair

Scottie says: “Let’s cuddle!”

Sheltie standing on chair

Awe, Tina what a sweet face!

Sheltie vs. sprinkler

um…the sprinkler won, but it doesn’t look like Bentley minds!SprinklerThanks to Mike!

Classic happy Sheltie moment

Buster hams it up for the camera.That is a very happy Sheltie, Andy!  :)

That unmistakable Sheltie Smile…

Little 3 mo. old Ripley reminds us of one of this breeds special qualities…that wonderful smile!Ripley2Thanks, Maritza!

Papasan Sheltie

Casey says: “You are not going to make me get up, right?  I’m really comfy.” (Insert Sheltie smile)CaseypapasanToo funny Linda!